I have to admit, I watch A LOT of Youtube. I always get sucked into the worm hole of Youtube, and just sit and watch videos for hours. I watch David Dobrik vlogs,  Jason Nash vlogs, and many, many beauty vloggers. Recently though, I found a vlogger named Kayln Nicholson. 

From the look of her channel you’ll think she’s either a beauty vlogger, or a fitness channel. But when you dig a little deeper you’ll find she’s more than that. She talks about life… real life. Her imperfections, and struggles and how she overcomes them. She often makes “Coffee Talk” videos, and just recently her topic of choice was, “How To Love Yourself”. I feel this video is so important for young women to watch.

As millennials we are constantly comparing ourselves to our friends, or Youtubers, Instagram guru’s, models and the list goes on. We see people traveling the world, drinking punch out of coconuts, and immediately feel sh*tty about our lives. Thinking things like “why am I working a dead end job, and not traveling the world like they are?”

The reality is though, what we see on the internet is just highlight reels and exciting points of peoples lives. Something to remember is, the people online are just that… people. They have ups, and downs, struggles and insecurities just like you and me. They choose what they want to show the world, and that is not always their reality.

I applaud Kalyn for making her videos raw and real. Keep doing what you do, your followers appreciate you reminding them that they are fine the way God made them, and to love yourself first.



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