Every Sunday we try and spend some quality time together as a family… and by family I mean me, my husband, and our dog.

We both work all day, everyday during the week, so it’s nice to set aside some time during the weekend to be together. No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other, its so important to set aside time during the week to just be together. Whether that be a 1 on 1 time, with your kids (if you have any), or with your animals like we choose to do!

Today we stumbled upon a new path to try with Addie, down by a dam, with lots of shade, which is necessary when you’re married to a fair skinned ginger like I am! We found it when we accidentally took a wrong turn on our way to our original destination, but I’d say it worked out in our favor. After walking the entire trail and back again, our little Addie paddy was down for the count.


I cherish the afternoons I get to spend with my loves. Never take times like this for granted, these are the memories that you will hold onto forever. Can’t wait for our next Sunday adventures.


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