Welcome back to another Sunday Funday with the Denley’s.

This Sunday was especially important to us, because we’ve decided to go back to church! Religion is something that has always been important to me. Without getting to controversial in this post, just know, as a Christian, I take faith pretty seriously. So making the decision to go back to church was a pretty big step for us. Jordon didn’t really grow up with religion in his life – so I’m thrilled he wants to start this journey with me!

Afterwards, we made the brave decision to try and give our great dane -Addie, a bath… which was successful, but not without a fight. Just imagine this -you’re trying to give a person, who is the same size as you, a bath and 1.) they hate the water 2.) they are impressively strong and 3.) they will do anything to make sure you don’t win. Well, that’s exactly what it was like wrestling my dog into getting a bath. Luckily, she’s pretty submissive. So when Jordon finally tackled her to the ground (gently), she gave in and just let us clean her.


So, here’s a picture of the WWE wrestler herself. 

Mom & Dad – 1 

Addie – 0 

Afterwards, we ended our day with a movie date. Fun fact about me… I’m a HUGE Marvel Comics fan. I LOVE the Marvel Universe, it’s actually strange how much I love these movies/ comics. We turned down a day at the beach with our friends… so I could watch Spiderman: Homecoming. And you know what… no regrets. So, overall I’d call it another successful Sunday with the Fam.


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