I’ve always had an interest in fashion, and I will be the FIRST to say that I am in NO way shape, or form a fashion expert. I just love the feeling of visualizing an outfit in my head, and it coming to life when I put it on.

My job requires me to dress business casual. Which some days, I love… and others I just want to put sweat pants on, crawl back into my bed, and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. But the days that I do get excited to dress up, pairing outfits can be quite fun.

Now, all my ladies (and gents) who are fellow fashion lovers can agree with the fact that being fashionable comes at a price… usually a price that isn’t on a clearance rack either.

Over the years of collecting clothing I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for bargain hunting.

1.) HEAD FOR THE CLEARANCE RACK! – So many of my friends start looking on the racks that are right in the front of the store. Yes, those racks typically have some of the trendier pieces, but trust me… you can almost always find a cute alternative on the clearance rack.

2.) DON’T DISMISS SALVAGE SHOPS – My entire outfit in my featured photo is from a salvage shop called, Marden’s. For those that might not know, a salvage shop is a store that purchases items from other stores that have either filed bankruptcy, been through a fire, or some other natural disaster, or just getting rid of excess product. The salvage store sells the items at a lower price for the consumer. I always get compliments on my outfits, that look nice and I probably paid less than $25 for the entire outfit – shoes and all!

3.) TRY THINGS ON WHILE YOU’RE AT THE STORE – So many times I’ve walked out of the store without trying a piece of clothing on, and regretted it days later when I had an outfit it would have matched perfectly with. Even if you don’t think the piece will look good on you… try it on anyways!

4.) PURCHASE OUT OF SEASON – I know, this is one that everyone tells you to do, but it’s true. I always by my boots in the spring, and my flip flops in the fall.

5.) STALK THE STORE! – This one sounds funny, I know. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my eye on a skirt, or shirt… held off on buying it because it was still full price. I kept my eye on it through the window’s, low and behold – I caught it on sale!! Sometimes you miss the item… but can’t miss something you never had, am I right?

BONUS: RETAIL ME NOT – This is just a bonus tip. Sometime ago I download the app Retail Me Not. Essentially it’s an app that shows available coupons for stores in your area.

I hope this helps my fellow savvy fashionistas!

13 thoughts

  1. I always head to the clearance racks first. And I visit second hand stores sometimes as well as these sometimes have great deals! I love dressing business casual…as I get to be girly and feel pretty lol 💕💕


  2. I always head for the clearance rack. I’m sure a bargain shopper it’s very rare that I purchase something of regular price


  3. I absolutely hate clothes shopping, so much, that I only does clothes shopping online! I only shop after my clothes start falling apart, rofl. I usually refuse to pay full price too. I always hit the clearance section first.


  4. These days, if I see something I love in a store that’s full price, I just try to wait it out until it hits that sale rack. Every store seems to have 40% off (or more!) sales every other week, and I am determined to not pay full price for items that are not must haves. Thanks for your tips!


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