I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts how much YouTube I watch. The YouTube world can suck me in, and take hours of my life away. You can literally find anything on there!

If I need a recipe for dinner that night… just YouTube it.

Don’t have a gym membership… I just YouTube it.

And, my favorite thing to watch… Beauty videos.

I started watching beauty videos about 7 years ago… when I write it down, and see it… WOW that’s a long time. But yes, 7 years. And over the years, I’ve compiled a full list of subscriptions. Today I’m going to share with you, my top 5 RIDE or DIE beauty guru’s!

1.) Jaclyn Hill – ย If you know anything about the beauty community, I’m sure you know who she is. Jaclyn’s been making videos since 2010, and that’s about when I started watching her. Since then, she’s blown up – and as of recent filmed a video with the one and only Kim KW!


2.) Casey Holmes –ย This girl is the sweetest southern peach on the internet. One of my favorite things about Casey is, the girl keeps it real. Casey stared her YouTube career in 2011 She’s gone through quite the transformation over the years, and her journey just keeps getting better and better.


3.) Carli Bybel –ย This New Jersey girl is one of the kind-hearted guru’s out there. Carli’s been on YouTube since 2011, and she now has over 5 million subscribers! She’s vegan, gentle, a crazy cat mom… and yes, she’s physically flawless.


4.) ThatGirlShaeXO – Shae is a smaller YouTube personality, who’s quirkiness drew me in. She’s another Jersey girl, and her dorky personality is highly relatable. Shae’s been making video’s since 2008. Check her out, her channel is small, but growing rapidly, give it some love!


5.) KathleenLights – Last, but certainly not least, Kathleen is an awkward little cuban taco. She’s been on YouTube since 2013, and now she’s even the owner of her own nail polish line – KL Polish!


I have love for all of these beautiful ladies. If you’re interested in learning more about makeup, and the beauty community, check their channels out!


7 thoughts

  1. I love me some Jaclyn Hill is the the ultimate beauty goddess to me.I just got into the youtube world because of some of these people. Great list that some up everything and has something for everyone to be able to wear.


    1. I highly recommend all these babes! I try to only watch guru’s that are real, and don’t put on a show for the camera – I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you find any other channels I should check out! ๐Ÿ™‚


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