Long time no talk. 

It’s been a good minute since I’ve posted – and I’m so happy to be back! Life has been pretty chaotic lately. Wedding planning, super busy at work, house hold chores, and just trying to enjoy the summer before it’s over! Which included a full weekend of concerts – we watched Sam Hunt on one night, and for the next two days (last weekend) attended the 5th Annual Rise Above Fest. 

If you’re a lover of rock music, this is a festival you should put on the bucket list! It’s two days PACKED with the hottest rock/ metal bands on the scene. Just in the recent years I’ve started to dabble in the rock music genre, thanks to Jordon. At first people just brush it off as scream-o or to “grudge”, but if you truly listen to the lyrics, they’re actually really great songs!

A few of my favorites: Skillet, Seether, Dragonforce and Stone Sour!

I could only hang for one of the festival days – Jordon and his brother attended both days. This young old lady isn’t made for standing on dirt for 12hrs at a time.

Although I wasn’t physically there for the second day, our picture that I posted on social media made a cameo on the big screen!


rise above fest 2017 (1)

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