Yes, I realize that I am three days late to the game… but it’s just who I am as a person, and I’ve accepted it. But I’m here now, let’s get this going. 


Our state just experienced a tropical storm that left 350,000 residents without power. Our house specifically went without power for 4 days. It really puts things into perspective, and makes you think about how fortunate we really are. There are many areas of the world right now that do not have power for long periods of time, if any power at all. Here are 3 things that I realized I am truly thankful for after experiencing that storm.

#1 I’m Thankful for electricity.

I know that sounds silly – but it’s honestly something that we all take for granted. So the next time that you turn on a light, or the heat… just remember that it’s a luxury that we are provided and need to be reminded.

#2 I’m Thankful for Our Friends.

This one is a loaded statement, just saying that I’m Thankful for our “friends”, but what I really mean is we so greatly appreciate our friends that opened their homes to us, and let us shower, eat hot meals, and charge our electronics, and even letting our animals come over so they didn’t have to sit in a cold house either! Thank you to them for making the power outage a bit more bearable – we love you guys.

#3 I’m Thankful for hardworking line-men/ women. 

If it wasn’t for the countless hours that the DOT and surrounding line men/ women put in to this last week, who knows how long it would have been until we had power again. Thank you to them, for working around the clock to make sure we had power.

Here’s a few pictures from the storm that hit on 10/30/2017:

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Remember what you  have is a privileged, and not a right… be Thankful!

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