Hello Everyone… long time no talk? You know the drill by now… I suck at this whole blogging thing.

As we wrap up 2017 I reflect on everything that happened this year. I don’t want this to be another “What I Learned from This Year” blog post… but I sit and think about everything that Jordon and I underwent, and holy sh*t it’s been a f&%#*@g year (pardon my French).

One year ago today, Jordon asked me to be his wife. Fast forward 365 days, we’ve moved twice, both switched jobs at least once, got married, got a dog, graduated college, and started a 401k (very responsible). I think in 2017 I really found a lot out about myself in 2017. I learned I’m a little hot tempered, but also willing to forgive. I learned that even though I always said I never wanted a big dog, beside me lays a 115LB Great Dane, that I wouldn’t trade for the world. And, I also learned things come and go, but life will always keep moving, and things will always get better.

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