I’m usually not one to complain about snow, but we’ve run out of places to put it… and that’s a problem.


Here on the east coast, we’ve been hit with a cold front. In my particular area we’ve had record hitting temperatures, reaching -25 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced temperatures that cold, but it’s not pleasant. Recently we just had a storm that accumulated 15-18 inches of snow in our driveway. Now, if you live in the north, you know the added expense of having to hire someone to plow you out (if you’re like us, and don’t already own your own plow). We were trying our best not to have to hire someone to plow, save the money, and just shovel ourselves. Welp… turns out, shoveling 15-18 inches of snow isn’t that easy… who would have thought, right? So long story short I search the internet for someone to come plow us out. After calling four plowing companies, a Facebook marketplace ad catches my attention.

Luckily the guy was able to get to us that morning. He shows up with his jacked up Ford F-150 ready to be our hero, then low and behold… the plow gets stuck in our driveway. In my 22 years of life, and 22 years of living in Maine, I’ve never had a plow get stuck in my driveway and then proceed to have to get pulled out by another plow truck. It was a sight to see. I’m standing in the living room pacing, because I’m very late for my important meeting at my new job, and my husband is sound asleep on the couch (lovely for him).

One hour later, the plow leaves, I frantically dig my way to the garage to get my Nissan started and warmed up. See in the north you can’t just start your car and go, you have to give her some time to warm up (so I’ve been told). I drop my husband off at work, and drive to work like the the Joker trying to out run Batman.

As I’m writing this, I smile and giggle. However that morning when I barged into the conference room with the CEO and COO looking at me (45 minuets late) I was not remotely close to smiling, or giggling.

I hope my panic and embarrassment brought you some kind of joy, or even made you crack a smile. If it did, then it’s worth it. Moral of the story, find a plow guy… the morning BEFORE the storm. Lesson learned.

Here’s the aftermath of the $40 plow job.

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