YouTube is a worm hole, that is designed to suck up, any and all free time you might have – and its my favorite thing ever.

In my many years of watching YouTube I’ve never come across a person quite like Trisha Paytas. To sum her up, her Instagram bio is, “Just another dumb blonde….but with a brain”, and I’d have to say that pretty much hits the nail on the head. Before we do any further, do me a favor and go stalk her for a minute. Just to get the full effect.

Instagram – @trishapaytas

YouTube – @blndsundoll4mj

Wiki – Trisha Paytas

Ok, done? Good, let’s move on. She’s your typical blonde, fake boobs, fake butt, fake lips, nose and hair. But even with all the artificial injections in her body, she’s a very real, very sensitive person – who also happens to be a riot. Her YouTube has been around for over 10 years, and has been through all the usual viral trends. She has challenge videos, collabs, draw my life, and the latest trending video “Mukbangs” which are essentially just videos of people recording themselves eating and talking.

Even though the food videos are interesting, I stick around for her vlogs. She’s recently started to hang out with the “vlog squad” which consist of David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Josh Peck, Liza Koshy, and more. After seeing her debut in Jason Nash’s vlogs, I started to do a little research on her. Turns out, she’s actually a very accomplished person. After a short detour as a stripper, and doing “personal calls”, she turned it around and has featured on Ellen, Dr. Phil, America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, Tyra Banks Show, and We Made You, by Eminem music video. Not to mention the three or four miscellaneous reality TV show’s she’s been on.

Now some of you may think that she’s just one of the reality TV leaches, but in my mind I immediately think about the PR she’s getting for this. Not only now is she a YouTube personality, but also a TV personality. That ups her credibility, and makes her a more interesting person (in my opinion). After digging a little deeper, I see she’s published like three or four books, and released multiple singles. And each time she did something like a show, or book her subscriber number climbed and climbed.

I think what interest me the most about her, is her obliviousness to everything else that’s happening in the world, but how savvy she is when it comes to personal branding. I’ve recently ordered her book The History of my Insanity. It’s only 78 pages long, so I’ll be finished rather quickly… review coming soon on it. Stay tuned.

Long story short, I feel like Trisha is your stereotypical “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” kind of person. She’s ditsy on the outside, but pretty dang smart on the inside. Either that, or she’s a damn good “fake it till you make it” kind of girl. Which again, would be pretty impressive.

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