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If you live in an area where Winter isn’t a season, it’s a lifestyle, then you’ll relate to the feeling of just wanting Spring. Here in Maine Winter lasts six out of the twelve months of the year. Blistering cold winds, below freezing temperatures, and enough snow for an endless supply of snowmen.

Now usually I can handle the Winter pretty well, seeing how I’ve lived in Maine pretty much my entire life. However, this year the Winter has been unusually hard to get through. We’ve had record breaking freezing temperatures, where in some areas of Maine, it reached -50F, yes… you read that right… -50F. And if the cold wasn’t bad enough, in the Winter the sun goes down sooner. So not only is it cold, but it’s cold and dark. A recipe for happiness, am I right? Are you depressed after reading that? If so, it’s called Seasonal Depression. Now when I was younger and taught what seasonal depression was, I didn’t quite understand. I couldn’t grasp how the weather could effect someone so much, I mean, it’s just weather? But as I age, I get it… I totally get it.

When you’re younger, you still have time to do activities in the Winter, and that helps break up the bitterness. However, when you’re older you work all day, so when you go into work, it’s dark, when you leave work, it’s dark. December through February I’ve developed seasonal depression. Needless to say I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR SPRING! I don’t even need Summer, just give me Spring and I’ll be content! Give me the sunshine, the warm breeze, and driving with the car windows down.

Do you guys have tips or trick for trying to get through the Winter blues? Drop your favorite Winter activities in the comments below!

Until next time.

– KD

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